Language Assistance

MANSD has established procedures to ensure that families with limited language proficiency (LEP) are provided with language assistance services giving them the tools they need for meaningful participation in their child's education.

MANSD provides translated materials in the five most common languages other than English on a regular basis. Based on data collected at the time of enrollment on the Home Language Survey, these languages for the 2020-2021 academic year are: Spanish, Arabic, Swahili, Nepali, and Vietnamese. These languages account for the languages spoken in over 65% of students' households.

Language assistance is provided for other languages through independent contracted vendors as needed. Language assistance is also provided immediately upon request to any LEP parents and/or guardian.

MANSD makes parents aware of this and other language assistance services by posting multilingual directions for requesting language assistance throughout each school (in the main office, nurse’s office, guidance counselor's office, social workers office, etc.). This information is also available on the MANSD website.

The Manchester School District provides language assistance in a timely manner for ALL LEP parents when critical information regarding their child needs to be shared. Documents containing critical information include, but are not limited to:

(1) registration forms;

(2) conduct and discipline;

(3) safety and health notices;

(4) special education and related services; (5) entitlement notices relevant to public education placement in special programs (e.g., English language learner);

(6) legal or disciplinary matters and

(7) emergency notifications.

MANSD collects data regarding the primary language spoken by parents and guardians for every student at the time of enrollment. This includes specific information about whether or not interpretation is required to communicate between home and school. This information is documented in the student information system and is made available to all MANSD educators and administrators.

MANSD also has 4 full-time Multilingual Home/School Liaisons available to assist parents throughout the district with communication to and from school. Information about the Multilingual Liaisons is available at each school and on our website.

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If you have any questions or concerns about language assistance, please contact, Nicole Ponti, Executive Director of English Learner Instruction & Equity (