Bilingual Liaisons

MANSD Bilingual Liaison Team

The Manchester School District is committed to promoting communication between school and home. Our Bilingual Liaisons play a critical role in supporting this connection. Our multilingual team includes five full-time bilingual liaisons representing five languages. Our Liaisons work to improve communication and family involvement in all of our schools. Our Liaisons also play a critical role in helping our schools learn more about the challenges facing our multilingual, multicultural families.



   Spanish & English 
   Phone: (603) 661-4373

   Spanish & English
   Phone: (603) 512-7874

   Jennylsa Wilson
   Spanish & English 
   Phone: (603) 216-7443
Jennylsa Wilson holds a B.A. in Elementary Education. Jenn is also a certified Elementary Education teacher. Prior to working in education, Jenn was a Human Resources Specialist. Jenn has worked in the Manchester School District as a long-term sub and certified instructor. She has also served informally as a bilingual liaison for many Manchester families.

   Amina Chiboub
   Arabic, French & English    
   Phone: (617) 529-1094

Amina holds a B.S. in Biology. She is multiliterate in English, French, Arabic (and even a little Spanish). Amina has worked with students and families in Manchester for five years through the International Institute. She also volunteers for a number of Manchester School District programs and serves on a local committee to advocate for and support refugee families in Manchester. Amina is a certified medical interpreter. She has extensive experience as an interpreter and child advocate. 

   Tika Subedi

   Nepali, Hindi & English
   Phone: (240) 441-6577

Tika Subedi holds an M.A. in Sociology. He has been working with students and families in Manchester since 2011. 
Tika began his career as a Kindergarten teacher in the Bhutanese refugee camp school. Tika has also worked as an Assistant Principal and Counselor at a private boarding school in Kathmandu, Nepal. He has experience as a high school teacher of Humanities, ESL and Civics. Tika is also a trained medical interpreter and holds a Master's Degree in Sociology.
Other Language Assistance Services
For other language assistance resources see, "Multilingual Resource Guide" (below) to learn more about the Language Line (immediate interpretation service via phone); or Language Bank and Multilingual Links (approved local third-party interpretation/translation services).  

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