Bilingual Liaisons

MANSD Bilingual Liaison Team
The Manchester School District is committed to promoting communication between school and home. Our Bilingual Liaisons play a critical role in supporting this connection. Our multilingual team includes five full-time bilingual liaisons representing five languages. Our Liaisons work to improve communication and family involvement in all of our schools. Our Liaisons also play a critical role in helping our schools learn more about the challenges facing our multilingual, multicultural families.



   Jilma Ball
   Spanish & English 
   Phone: (603) 661-4373

Jilma Ball holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice. She is also a certified medical interpreter and notary of the public. Before coming to the Manchester School District, Ms. Ball held a position in the 9th District Court in Manchester as an Assistant Court Clerk, where she worked with families and domestic violence cases. Jilma also worked as an Intern for the Hillsborough District Attorney's Office of Advocacy for Victims and Witnesses of Crime.

   Mariel Carmelo
   Spanish & English
   Phone: (603) 512-7874

Mariel Carmelo holds a B.A. in Special Education
. Mariel worked as a Special Education Coordinator in Lima, Peru for 7 years. Most recently, Mariel worked as a Community Health Worker supporting students and their families at both Beech Street and Wilson School in Manchester. She is committed to strengthening the connection between home and school. 

   Jennylsa Wilson
   Spanish & English 
   Phone: (603) 216-7443
Jennylsa Wilson holds a B.A. in Elementary Education. Jenn is also a certified Elementary Education teacher. Prior to working in education, Jenn was a Human Resources Specialist. Jenn has worked in the Manchester School District as a long-term sub and certified instructor. She has also served informally as a bilingual liaison for many Manchester families.

   Amina Chiboub
   Arabic, French & English    
   Phone: (617) 529-1094

Amina holds a B.S. in Biology. She is multiliterate in English, French, Arabic (and even a little Spanish). Amina has worked with students and families in Manchester for five years through the International Institute. She also volunteers for a number of Manchester School District programs and serves on a local committee to advocate for and support refugee families in Manchester. Amina is a certified medical interpreter. She has extensive experience as an interpreter and child advocate. 

   Tika Subedi

   Nepali, Hindi & English
   Phone: (240) 441-6577

Tika Subedi holds an M.A. in Sociology. He has been working with students and families in Manchester since 2011. 
Tika began his career as a Kindergarten teacher in the Bhutanese refugee camp school. Tika has also worked as an Assistant Principal and Counselor at a private boarding school in Kathmandu, Nepal. He has experience as a high school teacher of Humanities, ESL and Civics. Tika is also a trained medical interpreter and holds a Master's Degree in Sociology.
Other Language Assistance Services
For other language assistance resources see, "Multilingual Resource Guide" (below) to learn more about the Language Line (immediate interpretation service via phone); or Language Bank and Multilingual Links (approved local third-party interpretation/translation services).  

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